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Harry's singular focus as publisher, editor, typographer, and printer, to champion the text and serve the reader is our guide.
Denise Brady has made handmade limited edition books of contemporary poetry for over 20 years. She has published works by poets including Ted Kooser, Hayden Carruth, Marilyn Hacker, Greg Kosmicki, Jonis Agee, and Michael Skau. Her books have been exhibited in juried shows regionally and nationally and are held in private collections. Brady has also taught workshops in the region for children and adults and college classes in graphic design, papermaking, and book arts. She currently manages the Art Gallery at UNO. Denise Brady
Guy Duncan Guy Duncan has always been passionate about finding new ways to use technology for the betterment of society and methods of merging technology with traditional craft. Throughout his career, Duncan has been involved in cutting-edge technology initiatives working at, Election Systems and Software, Valtech, and Bwin.Party. Guy was living and working in Gibraltar when the press was founded, which inspired the name. He is currently working for PayU based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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