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TEN POEMS / Nebraska
 Ione Gardner, I Have Put Away All Things Helene Magaret, Song of the Answerer (A reply to Walt Whitman) Hilda Raz, Diction Martha Collins, White Paper 24 Donna Whitewing-Vandall, August 24, 1963 – 1:00 a.m. – Omaha Barbara Schmitz, Supper Marcia Southwick, Small Difficulties Lenora Castillo, La Nebraska Erin Belieu, My Field Guide Stacey Waite, In Nebraska Woodcut by Maranda Allbritten

This is an unbound book of ten poems hand printed and issued in an edition limited to thirty-five copies. 7 3/4 inches high by 4 5/8 wide by 1/2 deep (approximately). Of the 35 copies, 20 are available for sale.

each (discounted 2020) $150.


Please email Denise to purchase a copy:


Launch Party: 3 p.m., April, 1, 2017, University of Nebraska at Omaha Criss Library








These ten poems were selected in the Fall of 2016 from the rich collection edited by Daniel Simon to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Nebraska statehood. Simon’s book, Nebraska Poetry: A Sesquicentennial Anthology, 1867 - 2017, is being published by Stephen F. Austin Press and will be issued April 1 along with our Ten Poems / Nebraska.


Read together, these ten poems create a broad (unfinished) picture of poetry in Nebraska over the years. The poems reflect on experience both shared and particular, and paint a picture of Nebraska that we hope is familiar and new.


During December and January, Christine McGuigan, assisted in setting the poems and Maranda Allbritten began work on a woodcut for the book. The woodcut was printed in February and the poems are being printed now, in March of 2017.


The types are 12 and 10 point Bembo and the text paper is Kitakata, a strong but very light-weight Japanese paper. Maranda’s woodblock was printed on each sheet and the texts printed over the image. The sheets are folded in thirds and housed with folded slip sheets in a paper wrapper, all made of Speckleton papers from the American French Paper Company.

Welcome by David Richard & brief remarks by Daniel Simon & Denise Brady

Poets Reading: JV Brummels, Michael Catherwood, Greg Kosmicki, Steve Langan,

Matt Mason, Sarah McKinstry-Brown, Michael Skau, Miles Waggener, Art Homer,

Barbara Schmitz

Refreshments & books available


We are indebted to Guy’s daughters Louise and Beatrice who read the Nebraska Anthology and helped with the monumental task of selecting just a few poems to print in this keepsake collection. Thanks especially to Louise who shared insights that shaped the final selections. Our thanks are due also to Daniel Simon for inviting Denise to print a letterpress companion to his important collection.

– Guy Duncan & Denise Brady, editors

* Maranda Allbritten was born in Murray, Kentucky, and received her BFA from Murray State University. In 2005 she moved to Nebraska to attend graduate school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, receiving her MFA in printmaking in 2008. Maranda is the Community Outreach Coordinator at Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha. This is her second project with Gibraltar Editions.

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