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Harry's singular focus as publisher, editor, typographer, and printer, to champion the text and serve the reader is our guide.
All Along the Fence A portfolio of poems

collected & printed in honor of Harry Duncan (1916 - 1997)

to mark the centenary of his birth

with an introductory essay by by Michael Peich

about Duncan and his work titled “Aldus in Omaha”


I can’t think of anything else that holds a candle to the recurrent fascination of trying to find suitable graphic forms for poetry, whose multifarious development deserves to be read in the light of our great typographical tradition.

— Harry Duncan

These seventeen poems printed by seventeen printers from across the continent address the concept of time and span a range of styles. Each broadside is 9 x 12 inches printed in an edition of fifty copies, each signed by the poet. Twelve copies of the complete set including the essay printed by letterpress are available for sale in either a clamshell box or paper wrapper. Proceeds from sales will be used to fund a printing intern at Gibraltar Editions.

To order, please email Denise at Gibraltar Editions.









$500 (clamshell box by Campbell-Logan Bindery in Minneapolis, Minnesota)






$400 (paper wrapper)
























Time by Beau Beausoleil

Philip Gallo, The Hermetic Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota

























Waterfall One by Robert Bringhurst

Jason Dewinetz, Greenboathouse Press, Vernon, BC, Canada

























Self-Portrait at Eighteen by Lynn Emanuel

Laura Capp, Pentameter Press, Ashland, Nebraska

























The Other by Kate Gale

Amy Haney, Omaha, Nebraska

























My Handsome Cousin by Dana Gioia

Michael Peich, Aralia Press, West Chester, Pennsylvania

























The Fence by Michael Hannon

Harry Reese & Sandra Liddell Reese, Isla Vista, California

























Blessing for the Middle of the Night by Maggie MK Hess

Pamela Olson, Chicago, Illinois

























Five a.m., That Small Problem Again by Art Homer, screen print by Maranda Allbritten

Alison Wilson, Nosila Press, Peru, Nebraska

























Traveling at the Speed of Light by Jill McCabe Johnson

Karen Kunc, Blue Heron Press, Lincoln, Nebraska

























At Anzali Lagoon by Nima Kian

Frank Brannon, SpeakEasy Press, Dillsboro, North Carolina

























Rapture by Matt Mason

Steve Miller, Red Hydra Press, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

























Playing Catch by C. Perricone

Paul Moxon, Fameorshame Press,  Mobile, Alabama

























Dead Friends Society by John Ridland

Juan Pascoe, Taller Martín Pescador, Michoacán., México

























Among the Octogenarians by Todd Robinson, drawing by Jim Wolford

Jim Cox, Swing Bridge Press, Omaha, Nebraska

























L’avenir by Rebecca Rotert

Denise Brady, Gibraltar Editions, Omaha, Nebraska

























In a Good Time by Mark Sanders

Sara Langworthy, Iowa City, Iowa

























Of a Moment Lifting Over by Robert Vivian

Bonnie O’Connell, Abattoir Editions, Omaha, Nebraska





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